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Outsourced General Counsel Services

Outsourced General Counsel is an extension of your team. Outsourcing your General Counsel is an affordable yet highly effective way to manage the legal aspects of a business. 

In order to effectively maintain the company’s legal standing, a General Counsel has to fulfill a wide variety of duties and responsibilities that touch every department. The primary duty is to maintain legal compliance, but that involves many things. The major duties and responsibilities of a General Counsel include:

  • Advising management on new laws, existing laws and legal rights that would impact functionality of the business
  • Overseeing the legal matters of the business as a whole, including acting as the business’ legal representative
  • Maintaining and documenting the company’s legal documents and operations, including the employee handbook and employee agreements
  • Crafting and reviewing legal strategy in response to any litigation
  • Keeping a record of all legal documents and proceedings for the company
  • Facilitating filings of licensing forms and other statutory requirements
  • Communicating with outside counsel
  • Legally filing for copyright of intellectual property

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